1 & 2 september 2024


On this page you will find all the information about our event you need as press. Among other things, you will find press kits, Information regarding our press accreditation and other useful informati

The world’s largest flower parade is one to be seen, heard, felt and experienced. Corso Zundert therefore invites you, the press, to report on our unique event. You are most welcome.

General information

  • For all our press- and news releases click u here.
  • For the accessibility of our event, please check here.
  • For a map of our event, click here.

Images and results list previous Corsos

Requesting press accreditation

Through our press coordinator it is possible to sign up for a press accreditation. After you have signed up, your press accreditation will allow you to take photos and video footage along the 5 kilometer route. It also gives you access to the press scaffolding at the main grandstand A. Would you like to apply for press accreditation? Do you have a specific question? Please send an email to: questions@corsozundert.nl.

Rules for applying for press accreditation

  • You will only be considered for press accreditation if we as foundation Stichting Bloemencorso Zundert can expect that the visual recordings will lead to a publication about Corso Zundert.
  • Preferably you are in possession of a press card (or can clearly demonstrate this in another way).
  • No press accreditation will be granted to persons who do not hold a demonstrable journalistic position.
  • If you work for an Internet website, we assume that you have no commercial intentions (i.e. you will not sell any images made during the Corso).
  • A press accreditation obtained at a previous Corso does not automatically entitle you to a new press accreditation in a subsequent year.

Conditions and concerns to press

  • For the map of our event, please click here. You the press and our visitors are free to enjoy our Corso and take pictures in this event area. This with the exception of the areas indicated below which are not accessible.
    • The map shows prohibited areas and some low visibility areas. These are inaccessible for security reasons.
    • Our VIP location is not accessible to press at all (*). See image at the bottom of this page.
    • During the parade there are some areas not accessible to press (*). These are the following areas: Corsoboulevard and main stands. See image at the bottom of this page.
    • Prior to and during the parade, the exhibition area is not accessible to the public and press (*). See image at the bottom of this page.

(*) As a foundation, we have made an exception for some partner photographers and film crews. This is done on our foundation’s own initiative and has been determined in advance with relevant individuals.

  • Filming with handheld, portable camera is not a problem. Local roads and intersections etc. should always be kept clear of equipment as per our licence. Furthermore, there are conditions on the use of generators. The use of drones is not allowed unless prior written approval is given from our foundation under certain conditions. If you would like to use more than handheld or portable cameras, please let us know so that we can look for a location/solution together.
  • If you want to be sure of an unobstructed view of the floats along the route for your film shoots, we advise you to select the location in advance (in the weeks before Corso) and possibly consult with local residents. As the Foundation, we cannot/will not mediate in this. Please do keep us informed.
  • Visitors to our event are informed in the terms and conditions that photographs will be taken and that filming may take place. Of course, when filming, you must observe the legal rules for this. For close-up filming of people or objects (houses, etc.), please ask permission and record it.. 
  • Please display our logo and/or the name: Corso Zundert. Our logo can be requested via questions@corsozundert.nl. In our communications, we specifically no longer use Bloemencorso, but Corso. If possible, please also mention our website: www.corsozundert.nl. In the credits, please mention: Stichting Bloemencorso Zundert.
  • If you have any requests for cooperation from our Foundation would you please indicate this by email and no later than two weeks before the Corso?
  • During the Corso you will always (during your activities) wear your press accreditation clearly visible.
  • You will follow, during your activities as press, the instructions of police and/or Corso Zundert staff immediately and without discussion.

Have you ever witnessed a nine-metre-tall float, covered in flowers and gliding through the streets, powered by nothing but manpower? Corso Zundert would love to introduce you to the magic of the biggest flower parade in the world.

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