1 & 2 september 2024

Zundert is corso

Every year young and old people living in Zundert are caught by the corso virus once again. There is no escape, but we wouldn’t want there to be one anyway.

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Who will win Corso Zundert 2023?

Twenty hamlets will compete for the title on the first Sunday in September. Who will convince the jury and the public with the most catchy design? View the results of Corso Zundert 2023 here.

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The biggest flower parade in the world rests solely on the shoulders of its passionate volunteers.

How to volunteer

Want to contribute to the world’s biggest flower parade? There’s always a need for enthusiastic volunteers. No matter how much time you can spare, whether you’re young or old, available in the daytime or in the evening, strong or smart; all helping hands are most welcome!

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Corso Zundert exists since 1936 and has been a phenomenon for 80 years.

Nowadays the floats are immensely complex, built on multiple chassis, and often with moving parts. On top of that, each float is covered with up to half a million dahlia’s.

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