Paying safely with your pin or cell phone

09 Aug 2022
Paying safely with your pin or cell phone

In 2022 a new step will be taken in the digitization of Corso in Zundert. In line with our ambitions regarding sustainability and safety we decided that paying cash is no longer possible for entry tickets and tokens. We see that visitors have got used to paying by pin or by using their cell phone more and more. We proceed to paying in digital ways as much as possible. Thus we take the flow of cash out of our event and in this way it contributes to sustainability and safety of yourself and our volunteers.

The online site will remain open till and including Corso Sunday (the day of the parade). The pre-sale tariff of €12 will be shut at midnight of September 3rd, so that from then onwards only the entry price of €15 counts. On the day itself you can still buy tickets at the cash desk, however only pin payment and bank cards will be accepted here.

Also the vending machines for tokens or consumption coins will only accept digital payment. At the individual catering in the Molenstraat of Zundert it will still be possible to pay cash for the purchase of corso tokens.

If you should wish to make use of the nice pre-sale discount, please go to

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