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Visit the tents

From June until parade Sunday, people work in the building/construction tents on the floats. Would you like to take a quick look inside the construction tent? Or are you looking for more background information? Check this page for the possibilities.


Take a quick look...

Usually the construction tents are open in the evening from about 7 p.m., and all day Saturday. Closer to the parade, the tents are also open during the day and on Sundays. When the builders are at work, you are always free to come and take a look. In many cases the builders take some time to enthusiastically talk about their work and the float.

Do you want to visit several tents and would like to get some more background information?
Then we advise you to visit the construction tents during the Open Tenten Dag (Open Tent Day) or book a Corsotour. See below for more information. If you are looking for more information about the hamlets themselves look under the heading Rondje Corso.

When entering a construction tent, always respect the safety rules, the barriers, the instructions of the present volunteers and preferably wear sturdy shoes. You can find the location of the Building sites here.

Open Tent Day

Like some more background information during your visit to the construction tents in and around Zundert? You can!

Every year the hamlets of Corso Zundert hold their Open Tenten Dag (Open Tent Day). This usually takes place on Sunday, two weeks before the Corso. All tents are then open to the public from 10:00 to 16:00, builders explain their wagon and you are offered a cup of coffee or tea.

See the news releases on this website for the announcement of exact date and time.


On the days before Corso Sunday, all the hamlets are on edge during the process where, after months of waiting, the dahlias are finally tapped onto the wagon. The Corsotour offers corso lovers young and old the chance to witness this process live. Led by a guide, you will take a look behind the scenes and learn all about the construction of the largest flower parade.

Want more information or to book a Corsotour? Then check out our special Corsotour page (click here) for more information.

Rondje Corso

Rondje Corso is a route along all twenty participating hamlets in Zundert. You can take this route on your own initiative at any time.

At each hamlet you will find an information board with information about that particular hamlet. Look for the location of the building sites under the heading building sites.

Building sites

Corso construction sites mapCorso construction sites adresses


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