1 & 2 september 2019

Visit the tents


Corsotour EXTRA

On the days before the first Sunday in September, Corsosunday, all townships are busy during the process of applying the dahlia’s on the floats. The corsotour gives Corsolovers of all ages the opportunity  to experience this process in real live. Led by a gide, you can take a look behind the scenes to find out everything about the construction of the greatest flower parade.

The program of the Corsotour looks like this:

  • Welcome with coffee/tea and pastries
  • Presentation about Corso with images and videos of past years
  • Visit Corsotent 1, preview of the construction of one of the floats
  • Visit Corsotent 2, active contribution of the construction of one of the floats
  • Closing with something to drink and a snack

Each participant of the Corsotour will receive a goodybag. The program will take about 3 hours. The tour will start at Café-Zaal Het Wapen van Zundert, Katerstraat 12 in Zundert, where the tour will end too.

De tour takes place at different points of time where there will be place for at most 60 participants, 4 groups of 15 people. To visit the Corsotent, participants will go walking, by bike (take your own bike with your) or by taxi bus. For people that are reduced mobility, we recommend to choice the option of the taxibus.

The tour will takes place at the lasts days before the flower parade. On Thursday, it takes place at 7 P.M. and on Friday and Saterday on 2 P.M. and 7 P.M.

There is a possibility to participate the tour with an Englisch guide. This makes it possible for our international guists to participate this great activity. The Englisch tour will take place at Saterday on 8 P.M.

The costs of the corsotour are:

  • €7,50 for kids below 13 years old
  • €18,00 for participants of 13 years and older


Tickets can be booked on :http://corsozundert.nl/tickets
If you have any questions of find some more information you can call to the Corso counter : +31(0)76 889 40 30.