Final decision for Corso 2021 suspended

27 Apr 2021
Final decision for Corso 2021 suspended

On April 26 the Zundert participating neighbourhoods (united in the Board of Neighbourhoods) decided – together with Foundation Corso Zundert – they will still wait for a while taking the plunge of what Corso 2021 will look like. The Zundert neighbourhoods state it is feasible for them to wait another month taking a final decision. This means that a ‘normal corso year’ with floats through the streets of Zundert is still a possibility.

Corso Zundert chairman Jos Jochems: “On the one hand I am glad I still have little to report at this moment. After all, this means I don’t have to report there will be no floats going through the streets of Zundert. We can afford it to wait and see for another month. After that it will become more difficult or even unachievable to realize corso floats and an event of that scope and size. For this, the participating neighbourhoods came up with an alternative. In this case a unique exposition on a smaller scale will be built ‘corona proof’ and the result will be shown on the exhibition grounds. An exhibition in the outside air entirely with the theme ‘CUDDLY TOYS’. After a long time of ‘social distancing’ in the interest of everybody’s heatlh we can little by little go back to more social contact and togetherness. I am really proud to see how all neighbourhoods and volunteers are coping with this decision making proces and are moving cautiously in weighing all factors and risks.”

In Zundert several scenarios have been worked out for months. Volunteers and specially established working parties are looking at how corso floats can possibly be built while obeying and respecting all corona measures. For all phases in the building proces all ways are considered to do this safely and responsibly.

Jos Jochems: “It is so invisible because all those volunteers meet up and make plans digitally from their homes. For an association of volunteers like Corso and also the individual neighbourhoods the digitization moved on at incredible speed. Hence it is a huge challenge to keep up the connectedness and maintain the enthusiasm and commitment. For example, I am happy to see a Board of Neighbourhoods that come together monthly in order to be able to anticipate guidelines and developments. Thus we keep the chance of corso floats passing through the Zundert streets as big as possible.”

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