Banner Party Poteind

20 Mar 2024
Banner Party Poteind

After 72 years, the hamlet of Poteind was finally able to utter the Jubilation of Zundert: the hamlet won the Corso of Zundert last year with Nanook, God of the Hunt.

To celebrate this event the winning hamlet will organise banner celebrations on 6 and 7 April. The grand celebration party will take place on Saturday night from 7.30 pm on, at the Poteind warehouse at Beekzicht 16 CORS. The entertainment of the evening consists of Van Brenghe, the Poteindse Spanband and DJ Bart de Vries. Furthermore there will be an actual Corso-sound warm up mix, in which you can recognize the sounds of previous Corso floats.

The banner of the winning float will be revealed and presented by Mayor Joyce Vermue during a spectacular show. There will be a second day with festivities on Sunday, with an exhibition of Poteind history, live music and a special banner ceremony for children so they can experience the same show as on Saturday.

In other words, it looks as if the first weekend of April is going to be quite a spectacle!


Nanook Vaandeelfeest programma zaterdag 6 april 2024 Nanook Vaandeelfeest programma zondag 7 april 2024

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