3 & 4 september 2023


Our event is easily accessible by bicycle, public transport and car. On this page you will find all information on how to reach our event.

Location event

Corso Zundert takes place in the center of the municipality of Zundert. Zundert is located between Breda and Antwerp in West-Brabant in The Netherlands.


Our event is easily accessible by bicycle, public transport or by car. Below is an explanation of the accessibility and points of attention for each situation.


The municipality of Zundert is easily accessible by bicycle. You can bring your bike past the entrance posts of the event. But beware, around the course it can be very busy.

We offer the possibility to park your bike at two places – just outside the course – at a guarded bicycle parking. You can find the location of these bicycle sheds on the map at the bottom of this page with the symbol below.


Public transportation

Corso Zundert is easily accessible by public transport. From Breda Main train station and Breda Centre, there are extra buses on line 115, especially for Corso Zundert. These buses stop at a temporary stop near the entrance to the parade route. The bus stop is indicated on the map below by this symbol.


You can easily and inexpensively travel with the OV-chipkaart (a single trip from Breda Station to Zundert is about € 4). Or buy a bus ticket on the bus with your bank card or credit card. Paying in cash is not possible.

Would you prefer one ticket for the Corso and the bus trip? Buy your combined ticket here. It’s even cheaper!


Our event is also easy to reach by car. You can reach Zundert from various directions. Below you will find the various approach routes. Note: We advise you to leave in time in the direction of Zundert.

  • Zundert North, from Breda through Rijsbergen on the N263 provincial road.
  • Zundert East, (South and North) over the A16 motorway, via the border crossing and in Belgium the 1st exit Zundert.
  • Zundert South, via the Wernhoutseweg, from Belgium Wuustwezel and or loenhout (exit 2 on the E-19 (Antwerp-Breda).
  • Zundert West, from Rucphen/Roosendaal via the provincial road N638.

If your final destination is not Zundert, but passes through Zundert on the way to your final destination, you will be diverted in time. A detour route has been created for you so that you will experience as little inconvenience as possible from the event traffic.

For you as a visitor, there are several parking spaces available. These parking spaces are situated in such a way that they are easily accessible via the ring road. If a parking space is full, you will be referred to the nearby parking lot via this ring road. arking costs 5 euros.

The parking places available for Corso Zundert are generally situated within a kilometer of an entrance/cash desk. When choosing a parking space we advise you to look for it in the vicinity of the stand for which you have tickets. This limits the walking distance. You can use the table below for your choice.

A Oranjeplein P6-P9
B Oranjeplein P6-P9
C Markt P19-P25
D Markt P19-P25
E Markt P19-P25
F Markt P19-P25
G Bredaseweg P19-P25
H Bredaseweg P19-P25
I1 Bredaseweg P19-P25
I2 Bredaseweg P19-P25
J Bredaseweg P19-P25
K Molenstraat P19-P25
L Molenstraat P19-P25
W Burgemeester Manderslaan P25
Y Prinsenstraat P9


Event area Corso Zundert 2022
(click on the plan for a larger view)

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