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Corso Zundert and COVID-19

Because the COVID-19 measures have been scaled down, we can once again enjoy our event Corso Zundert. A full parade with all the festivities around it. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back to Zundert.

If the coronavirus (COVID-19) has again influence on our event, adjustments may still be needed for our event to take place. In order to inform you as a visitor as well as possible, we will continuously update this page.

Corso Zundert goes to great lengths to make sure your visit to our event will pass in a safe and pleasant way. With regard to the Corona virus we follow the existing RIVM guidelines. On this page we try to answer most questions that matter to you.

While making travelling plans, take into account the national measures of the country where you reside. When you visit Corso Zundert obviously the Dutch RIVM measures prevail.

The information on this page was last updated  on April 27, 2022 at 9.45 am.

For general questions concerning tickets or if you did not receive your ticket by email you can contact CM through https://support.cmtickets.com/. You can get in touch with a collaborator through a Whatsapp chat on the page concerned. To be reached only on business days (09.00 – 17.00 h). If you can’t work it out with CM you can also send a mail to voorverkoop@corsozundert.nl.

We are trying to supply information to you as good and topical as possible. We follow the RIVM guidelines with which we cannot anticipate possible scenarios. Have you got urgent questions that cannot be answered below? Then please contact us.


Questions and answers Corso Zundert and Corona

Are any Corona measures currently applicable to the event Corso Zundert 2022?
As it looks now, Corso Zundert 2022 can take place in its normal format (before Corona) without any measures.

What do I do if I have health complaints on Corso Day?
You have to follow the RIVM guidelines that apply at that time.

I was tested positive and am not allowed to go. Do I get my money back?
No, we only refund money if the whole event is canceled. How annoying this may be for you and whatever the reason may be: there is no refund when you cannot or may not come to our event.

I was tested positive but I already had Corona. Can I visit Corso yet?
You have to follow the RIVM guidelines that apply at that moment.

I have to go into quarantine because I got in touch with an infected person. Can I visit Corso then?
You have to follow the RIVM guidelines that apply at that moment.

What if I fall ill or get physical complaints during Corso?
In that case you’ll have to go home as soon as possible and follow the RIVM guidelines that apply at that moment.

Can I get my entrance-/grandstand ticket money back if Corso should not go through because of corona?
Yes, money will be refunded if the whole event is cancelled.

Can I pass on my entrance ticket if I can’t go myself?
No, the tickets are not freely transferable.

Can my ticket be converted to a ticket for 2023, if Corso should not go through?
If the whole event is canceled, money will be refunded. Converting to a ticket for 2023 is not possible.

Will extra hygiene measures be taken?
Yes, the grounds, tables and chairs are cleaned extra well. At the toilets it is possible to wash your hands.

Is contactless payment possible during the exhibition and at the Corso desk?
Yes,  that is possible.

How is my ticket checked?
Ticket check is completely digital. You can show the barcode on your tickets on your phone to the checkpoint. There the code will be scanned and with a valid entrance ticket you will be admitted to the event.

Will Corso festival continue this year?
This year’s corso festival will take place as usual.


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