1 & 2 september 2024
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Laarheide - The Find!

Researchers discover a mysterious object in the desert

Breaking news! Construction workers of Laarheide have found something. They came across a strange, mysterious object in the Mojave Desert in Nevada, USA. It most resembles a spacecraft, but is that even possible? It is still partially covered by sand and researchers have already begun to examine the thing. But it is still unclear how it got there, how long it has been there and whether this is a sign of extraterrestrial life. The people of Laarheide as well as reporters from far and wide report on this special ‘Find’.

Jeremy: “Above all, we want to create an atmosphere. Something is hidden, but what? And what if it is found tomorrow, what will happen to the world? Because if it is found in the USA, we will be informed fairly quickly.”

‘Spacecrafts’ are recognizable, even though no one exactly knows what they look like. In movies they are usually depicted as wide crafts, while a corso float can only be 4.5 meters wide. Partly because of this, the float will not be much higher than 7.5 meters.

Apart from researchers on the scaffolding surrounding the ‘Find’, Laarheide also brings the international press to Zundert so they will be able to follow everything closely and report live.

Renske: “We will walk the streets with approximately 35 actors. This is quite a large group for Laarheide. The group will be directed by “outsider” Ton Biemans and “insider” Brian Boot.”

Fun fact of this design: the use of alternative materials. Jeremy: “We will use real sand. Approximately twenty percent of the float will be covered with it. We are currently looking into how we can best achieve this, because the object is covered in an actual layer of sand.”

It is the first time that Jeremy van Nijnatten (21) and Renske Franken (25) designed together. It is Jeremy’s fifth design. He previously designed for Rijsbergen and Laarheide in changing team compositions. Renske has been active for 8 years on the site of Laarheide and has submitted a design once before. Jeremy is a spatial development student and Renske creates explanatory animations for various clients.

Original Dutch text: Jeroen Vriends
Translation: Bas Booij
Photo: Jeanne van Oosterhout

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