1 & 2 september 2024
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Klein-Zundertse Heikant - Enchanted

Surprises lie in the unexpected

When you win the Corso the expectations the following year are exceedingly high. But at de Heikant they know how to deal with such pressure. The positive energy infusing the winners of 2022 is merely channelled into a new design.

Robin: “We design from the perceived experience. In recent years this has actually always produced good results. First we consider the sort of feeling or emotion that we want to inspire in our audience. It is only then that we further elaborated on the idea of the troll, even if the image was initially quite clear to us.” The grim wizard/troll emerges directly from the world of fantasy. But is this one a joyful or malicious creature? The designers don’t want to give everything away as yet, but the troll may possibly suffer from mood swings or multiple personalities, says Robin.

Those moods particularly occur in the head of the creature. Because according to the designers, a ‘good head’ has not been produced in the Zundert Corso for some time now. “The facial expression, so the eyes, mouth, ears and nose and the rest of the face will move”, explains Robin. “We are putting in maximal efforts into movement, but keeping it in proportion. It has to reinforce the image of the joyful or actually grim troll. We are consciously abandoning the bombastic nature of what we have sometimes done in recent years.” The interaction with the audience is also of significance.

“We are not opting for a massive image”, says Famke. “The float is actually quite small. This is deliberately to draw the attention to the troll.” The 13 metres in length is indeed a great contrast to the 38 metres from last year. But the troll is not alone. Close to the ground all sorts of creatures will react to the troll’s behaviour. Here there will also be enough going on.  So that with music and movement a natural reaction will be depicted. And then …

This troll possesses extraordinary magical powers. At first glance, the wizardry has a harmonious effect. But then … It turns out there is something more going on with this mysterious creature. Something he seems to have no control over.

Famke Jochems (25) digital illustrator, Tim Dockx (25) metal worker, Robin Jochems (32) entrepreneur and industrial designer and Sven van Hoof (22) project manager, have belonged to the successful designers’ elite at Klein-Zundertse Heikant for a number of years now, albeit in a varying composition. This year their collective has been extended to include Ron Stoffelen (26), graphic designer.

Original Dutch text: Guus Arnouts
Translation: Mary Tine
Photo: Jeanne van Oosterhout

Hamlet Klein-Zundertse Heikant


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