Ticket Information

You can buy tickets for Corso Zundert in different ways. Below you can see how you can enjoy our Corso and which tickets you need. At the bottom of this page you can find the prices. 

Entrance tickets

You can buy entrance tickets for the parade on Sunday at the cash desk (open from 8AM) or online (with presale discount!). 

grand stand tickets

We  can give you on advice: make sure you see the Corso from a good view. After all the floats only live two days. After those two days they will be irrevocably broken down. You see the Corso the best from the grand stands near the ‘Markt’ (A to J) or at different places on the track (Z,Y and L). In addition, it assures you of expert commentary of our announces. It is advisable to reserve a grand stand tickets in presale. The map below shows the grand stands around the ‘Markt’.


Exhibition of the floats

On Monday the floats are on an exhibition all day, in full regalia with music and figuration. Also the tickets to the exhibition can be purchased online with presale discount.

corso sales desk

For the purchase of grand stand tickets, entrance tickets parade, entrance tickets exhibition and other products, you can contact the Corso Sales Desk from Friday May 27th until September 3th. Located in Cultuur Centrum Zundert.

The Corso Sales Desk is open from Tuesday till Thursday from 1PM till 5PM. In the Summer from June 21st till August 11th the Corso Sales Desk is open on Tuesday AND Thursday from 2PM till 5PM.

Additional opening hours:

Saturday August 20 - 10AM till 2PM

Saturday August 27 - 10AM till  2PM

Monday August 29 – 1PM till 5PM.

Friday September 2 – 1PM till 5PM.

Saturday September 3 – 10AM till 5PM.


Visit address Corso Sales Desk:

Corso Centrum Zundert

Molenstraat 5

4881 CP Zundert
T +31 (0)76 - 597 13 99
I www.corsozundert.nl

prices 2016

Entrance tickets parade

€ 10.00 (Presale price 9,-; at the cash desk € 10,-. Children till 13 years don’t need an entrance ticket)

Entrance tickets exhibition

€ 4.00 (Presale price € 3,50; at the cash desk € 4,-. Children till 13 years don’t need an entrance ticket)

Grand stand tickets

€ 10.00, € 20.00, € 30.00

Zonnewijzer (program book)

€ 3.00

Corsobook ‘The secret of Zundert’

€ 29.95 (Click here for more information)


€ 105.00 (Click here for more information. Children till 13 years € 55,- p.p.)

Corso arrangement


(Price on request at the accommodations)

Corso DvD set 2012

€ 10.00 (As long as they are on stock)


€ 10.00

Corso DvD set 2013

€ 10.00 (as long as they are on stock)

terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply. Click here for more information.


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